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Higher Education Report

Higher Education Enrollment Trends 2024 – Breaking Down the Data

The latest higher education enrollment trends paint a bleak picture. Since 2017, total higher education enrollment has fallen every year, resulting in a 9% overall drop. Some sectors have been hit worse by this higher ed enrollment decline in the past 2 years, but very few have managed to completely avoid the storm.

But – it’s not all bad news. As the report shows, there are signs of stabilization across sectors, majors and regions. Higher education enrollment for freshmen is on the rise and private-for-profit 4-year colleges grew fall enrollment, for example.

Download the report to find out the key higher education enrollment trends, supported by data broken down by:

  • Sector
  • Gender
  • Major and
  • Region.

With this data at hand, pulled from the latest CTEE Expanded Edition report, you can understand how well your school is performing compared to your peers. The report also includes four proven strategies that schools are using to reverse the college enrollment decline.

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Higher Education Enrollment Trends 2024 – Breaking Down the Data

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