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Customer Contact Week Digital Disruptive Tech Review: Live Chat

In CCW’s latest report, they found 89% of customers say they prefer live chat, yet just 25% of organizations are using live chat to its fullest potential.

There’s so much more to live chat than just reactive, customer-initiated conversations. With the ability to route customers based on their unique parameters, rich media capabilities using audio or video, and a range of features that make your agents more productive, live chat is a customer experience secret weapon waiting to be unleashed.

We’ve summarized the key points of CCW’s report in this slide share, focusing on how and why live chat can be disrupted to maximize impact by using modern tools, technology, and best practices.

Download this slide share and learn:

  • The current state of live chat
  • Four tenets of modern live chat
  • Five objectives for disrupting live chat
  • Six strategies to unlock live chat’s true potential

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