Setting up Live Chat

Customer Experience Matters for Live Chat and Telephone Teams

Setting up Live Chat

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So, you have made the decision to purchase your live chat software – congratulations!

Although you’ve taken a big step, there’s still something missing. In order to have a successful live chat service, it is important to set up live chat in a way that works with – not against – your unique business strategy. This means creating a live chat experience that fits both your company’s and your customers’ needs.

We have written this eBook as a guideline on how to best set up your live chat in a way that fits your desired customer experience. Its contents are ideal for managers and developers who are looking to design a live chat that is both attractive and functional.

Its contents will help you complete the following in the way that is right for you:

  • Add live chat to your website
  • Customize your live chat window
  • Make use of the pre-chat window
  • Make use of the post-chat window
  • Implement proactive chat