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Chatbot ROI calculator

AI makes scaling your customer engagement
program a lot easier than you think.

Your business is going to grow, and your customer base will grow with it. A Comm100 AI-powered chatbot will equip you for the ride, at a price that will make your head of finance smile.


Start by entering some details about your current contact center team, your current annual chat volume, and its anticipated growth. Use the sliders or enter the desired value in the boxes below.

About your team


Your chats

Whether you're expecting more customer queries or want to deflect chats to a chatbot during extended hours, use this slider to indicate the anticipated change.

While chatbot costs are variable (based on chat volume), human agent costs are fixed. This is why you will notice a decline in ROI at certain growth levels. When your human team hits capacity you need to hire another agent, but you may not use all the new capacity right away, leaving you room for chat volume growth and declining average per-chat costs until you reach capacity again (picture a staircase-shaped graph). With a chatbot, your costs increase in a straight line.


Once you’ve entered your data on the left, your impact and ROI results will be shown below.

Your team's annual chat capacity:
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To meet this new demand, you will need:
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New agents,
for a total of XX
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Comm100 Chatbot with unlimited capacity

Your total estimated costs are:
Labor costs
Live Chat system costs
Chatbot system costs
Anticipated cost with current team plus XX new agents
Anticipated cost with current team plus 1 new Comm100 Chatbot

Adding an AI-powered chatbot as a customer engagement channel will generate a savings of

$ per year

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ROI in year one
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Payback period