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9 Essential Chatbot Statistics 2024

Chatbot statistics to optimize
your customer service & support strategy

The numbers don’t lie. Done right, chatbots increase agent efficiency and productivity while delivering better customer experiences. To help you stay up to speed, we’ve compiled the latest chatbot benchmarks and chatbot usage statistics.

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Current chatbot usage statistics

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The future of chatbots

The essential live chat metrics

We analyzed data from millions of chats within the Comm100 platform to bring you the most update-to-date live chat statistics to help inform your strategy.

Below are the latest live chat metrics from 2024. Input your industry to see how you stack up against your competitors and understand which live chat KPIs need improvement.

Mobile chats
% of total chats on mobile
CSAT score
Ratings on a scale of 1-5
22.5 sec
Wait time
Average time a visitor waits to be connected to an agent
Queue length
number of people waiting to be connected
46.2 sec
Response time
time it takes for agent to send first message
09 min
36 sec
Chat duration
Average conversation time

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