Live Chat Benchmark Report 2020

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Chapter 9

Mobile Chats

74.5% of all 2019 were on mobile devices

Up 82% from 2018

Amazing and encouraging to see nearly universal adoption of mobile chat in the data. Working in the entertainment space, it’s wild to see how quickly people reach for their phones when they need help of nearly any kind. Let’s not forget, however, it’s not just about having the mobile channel... It’s about creating a consistently great experience on this and all lines of support. Don’t just offer mobile support out of competitive pressure but ultimately force a channel switch. Guide customers to be best resolution path for the type of issue they are having, and offer the type of mobile chat that will facilitate a quick and frictionless experience!

Nate Brown
Co-founder, CX Accelerator

Chats on mobile devices continue to experience torrid growth. On average, 74.5% of this year’s chats – that’s over 42 million – were sent from a mobile browser or app, more than nearly 23 points higher than 2018 and 30 points higher than 2017.

This data provides more evidence that customers continue to move from desktop to mobile as their primary online device. Mobile chat optimization is non-negotiable for all businesses – especially those in B2C sectors including Recreation or Consumer Services. It’s not entirely surprising to see that heavier B2B sectors have lower volumes of mobile chat.

Regardless of industry, country, or size, nearly every organization in our data set had chats coming in from mobile devices. Out of our entire dataset, only 0.54% of organizations did not offer mobile chat.

Average Mobile Chats by Industry

mobile chats

If you’re still on the fence about the digitization of our society, you shouldn’t need any more evidence than these mobile chat statistics. We are deeply attached to our smart phones and that’s not likely to change - at least not until the digital implant becomes cost-effective. From a customer service perspective, if you’re not on board yet, what are you waiting for?

Kevin Gao
CEO, Comm100

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