Live Chat Benchmark Report 2020

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Chapter 8

Chats Per Agent Per Month

Teams with 11 to 25 agents overworked?

Lots of capacity for 50+ agent teams

Teams of 11-25 agents have to watch for agent burnout. They’re handling the largest volume of monthly chats per agent, and while customer satisfaction didn’t suffer in 2019, the long-term sustainability of this high-capacity approach is questionable for both agents and customers.

Kaye Chapman
Learning & Development Manager, Comm100

Average Chats Per Month by Team Size

Chats Per Agent

2019 saw a significant increase in per-agent chat volume across every band of team size, with the exception of the 50+ agent band.

Looking back at other benchmark data in this report we see that teams of 11 to 25 agents have the shortest chat duration (9m:44s), which explains why the average chat volume per agent per month of 2,137 is so high. There doesn’t appear to be a high price paid for volume. Only teams of 50 or more agents enjoy a higher customer satisfaction score, which according to this data seems to result from having far fewer chats per agent per month.

So much for the theory that larger teams at larger organizations are just customer service ‘mills’, and that high agent volume is bad for business. The tipping point of 26 to 50 agents is where CSAT takes a hit even as monthly agent capacity starts to decline.

Average Chats Per Agent By Team Size

Chats Per Agent

To keep chat volumes manageable for each agent, best practices include maximizing agent efficiency by prioritizing chat requests through effective routing and deploying AI-powered tools such as Comm100’s Agent Assist to give agents quicker access to answers found in knowledge base articles, canned messages, and chatbot responses.

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