Live Chat Benchmark Report 2020

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Chapter 6

Chat Volume by Month

Chats peak at the end of the year and bottom out during the summer

While individual businesses in different industries will see their own peaks and valleys in monthly chat volume, we’ve noticed some standard seasonal fluctuations.

Our findings show a predictable pattern year over year, dipping during the summer months and peaking at the end of the year. This trend remains unchanged from the last four years, beginning from our first benchmark report in 2015 to today.

Average chats by month, January to November 2019

Chats By Month

Organizations with strong brands and a sense of community have tapped into the Relationship Economy. This is where the primary currency is the emotional connections made between customers, employees, and others such that customers cannot live without the brand, which makes price irrelevant. To dominate the Relationship Economy, brands must use technology to perform basic tasks that provide convenience for customers and enable employees to focus on what is most important: building relationships that result in higher customer loyalty, retention, satisfaction, and lifetime value. To support this, it should become a part of brand strategy to build a culture that creates emotional connections with employees and incorporate relationships building training for new and existing employees.

John R. Di Julius III
Chief Revolution Officer, The DiJulius Group

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