Live Chat Benchmark Report 2020

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Chapter 7

Average Chats Per Month

Solid growth over 2018 for teams with 50 or fewer agents

Average Chats Per Month by Team Size

Average Chats Per Month

According to our findings there is a direct positive correlation between team size and average chats per month. This is not surprising as the larger the organization the more chats and the more agents it is likely to have.

However, agent workload fluctuates for teams of all sizes. Organizations need to keep in mind the delicate balance of supply, demand, and even seasonality when making staffing and scheduling decisions. The ideal number of agents will depend on your use of chatbots and agent-facing AI tools like Agent Assist, your unique ebb and flow of business, and your own KPIs.

Average Chats Per Month for January to November 2019 by Team Size

Chats Per Month

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