Live Chat Benchmark Report 2020

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Chapter 11

AI-Powered Chat

260% increase in end-to-end chatbot resolution

With a growing consumer trend favoring text channels over voice for service & support interactions, the enterprise adoption of automated conversational interfaces (i.e. chatbot) will become a must-have in 2020. And while organizations could previously adopt and manage IVR technologies over a span of decades, the rapid developments in enterprise AI applications coupled with declining acquisition costs should encourage faster adoption.

Sabih Ahmed
Product Lead, Virtual Assistant, Rogers Communications

While AI adoption has been steadily increasing over the past few years for contact centers and customer service teams alike, 2019 appears to be the year when AI really took flight.

Comm100 launched its first chatbot in 2017. Our data from that year showed that our chatbot was able to handle 20% of its interactions from start to finish without an agent. In 2018 our second-generation chatbots equipped with Natural Language Processing (NLP) were able to handle 26.65% of total chats from start to finish – a modest improvement as both bots and their ‘masters’ got better at what they do.

In 2019 we released our third-generation AI-powered chatbot, adding even more power, flexibility, and integration capabilities. We confidently predicted that bot-only chats would grow at an even faster rate. We weren’t wrong.

Expectations around chatbots have changed within the credit union and even the general banking industry. There’s this assumption that members want to only speak to human agents when this could not be further from the truth. Members want fast and easy service on their terms - and there are so many big financial institutions that are seeing increased customer satisfaction with the help of chatbots. They’re seeing great results and raising the bar on chatbots in the financial services space as a whole. Other industries need to take note and step up.

Matt Kinney
CEO, Atando Technologies

Our data for 2019 shows that chatbots handled 68.9% of their chats from start to finish, earning an average satisfaction rate of 87.58%. While this success rate is an astonishing improvement over 2018, what’s even more interesting is that this satisfaction rate is 1.78 points higher than the satisfaction rates of 85.8% for chats that get transferred to human agents.

It’s not surprising to see that unresolved bot chats that get transferred to a human agent score lower; the customer didn’t get the answer they needed from the bot and required human intervention for final resolution. One could have easily expected to see a spread of more than 2 points separating these two scenarios given the frustration that would result from being transferred to a human agent after not resolving the problem. The close scores mean that even in these situations the bots are getting pretty close to delivering the right answers on their own without causing much frustration to the customer. The human agents might be ‘putting the puck in the net’ but the chatbot gets credit for the assist.

All this is to say that organizations are finally witnessing AI turning from concept to reality. Chatbots are able to converse intelligently with customers and resolve their queries with ease in increasingly more cases. Our data validates AI as a powerful tool from which every organization can benefit.

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