Live Chat Benchmark Report 2020

Live Chat Benchmark Report 2020

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There’s a classic management saying attributed to different people (I learned it was Peter Druker) that goes something like ‘What gets measured gets managed’. The implication is that you can’t make smart decisions about anything without first evaluating the underlying data.

When it comes to contact center performance, we all know this to be 100% true. The contact center is now a mature enough department in most organizations to generate plenty of data from which to derive insights and make decisions for improvement. When it comes to digital channels like live chat, it’s even easier to set KPIs and measure against them because the digital nature of these channels means they come with metrics and reporting built right in.

Now in its 5th year, the Comm100 2020 Live Chat Benchmark Report reveals how you stack up against your peers, offering even more actionable insights into how well you’re executing. We’ve scoured more than 56 million chats that passed through the Comm100 platform in 2019 to tease out the trends and benchmarks for different team sizes across 14 different industries.

Is your chat volume ahead or behind? Are your customers waiting too long before chatting? Are your agents rushing through their chats? How is your chatbot doing? Do customers rate you better or worse than your peers in terms of customer satisfaction?

There are answers to all these questions and more on the pages that follow. You’ll not only be able to compare how you’re doing against others in you space, but you’ll also discover how to make use of live chat capabilities that you may have overlooked. Or ones that your current provider simply can’t offer you at all.

As with previous years you’ll also find valuable thoughts and takeaways from some of our customers and industry friends throughout this report. We are grateful to each of them for taking time to pour through the information and share their views.

In this space last year I suggested that AI has the potential to reinvent the agent experience as much as or maybe even more than the customer experience. Looking at the data in this report, it’s clear that chatbots are rapidly gaining acceptance and performing exceptionally well, and I’m not surprised. The technology is serious, and here to stay. As for the agent experience? That’s still being proven out, but I will say this: if you can help your chat agents find answers and solve customer problems more quickly, why wouldn’t you?

I hope this report helps you better understand your use of live chat and pushes you to get even better. Let me know how that goes!

Kevin Gao
CEO , Comm100 Network Corporation

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