Live Chat Benchmark Report 2019


Live Chat Benchmark Report 2019

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Chapter 5

Proactive Chat Acceptance Rate

6.52% average acceptance rate

0.48% lower than 2017

Proactive chat invitations – when the chat system or agent initiates a chat, not the customer – allow organizations to capture a website visitor’s attention quickly before they move on.

In 2018 Comm100 customers proactively initiated over 924,000 chats, accounting for approximately 2% of total chats. This includes both manual and automated invitations, and only counts accepted chats. The average acceptance rate across all industries was 6.52%, down slightly from 7% in 2017. A possible explanation for this decline is the volume of new Comm100 customers just beginning to experiment with proactive chat.

When considering that the majority of Comm100 customers deploy Live Chat for support purposes, these proactive chat figures aren’t much of a surprise; it’s the rare support team that reaches out to customers to see if they’re having trouble with anything, versus waiting for them to ask first. That Consumer Services leads the way in percentage of proactive chat invitations is further evidence of this situation, although it is a surprise to see Manufacturing using this tactic so often, and e-Commerce not using it as much as may be expected.

Proactive Chat Acceptance Rates

Telecom currently leads the race for proactive chat acceptance, with Technology and Recreation following closely behind. Travel has the lowest acceptance rate despite initiating almost the same percentage of proactive chats as Telecom and Technology. Conclusion: Travel may be ‘spamming’ its visitors with proactive chat invitations, who are not taking up the offer as frequently as other industries. The same goes for Manufacturing and Consumer Services. The clear winners here? Recreation and Transportation.

Proactive chat can have a stronger impact on engagement – think shopping cart abandonment, for example – but only when done correctly. Organizations need to take the time to structure proactive chat invitations that are tuned in to the visitor’s situation – the page they’re on, how long they’ve been on your site, the value of their shopping cart, etc. – and always respectful of the user experience. Proactive chat acceptance rates provide strong clues about chat strategy success and identify areas to optimize visitor engagement and conversions – if your customer is annoyed by constant invitations, it’ll quickly show.

Proactive chat is a great way to reach out a helping hand to your customers. When used in concert with browsing or customer data, proactive chat can help the customer see that you care about their personalized experience and are ready to answer any questions they may have. Proactive chat mitigates customer frustration and offers assistance before the customer feels tension in their journey on your site.

Becky Roemen
Senior CX Consultant

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