Live Chat Benchmark Report 2019


Live Chat Benchmark Report 2019

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Chapter 9

Mobile Chats

Up 7.9% from 2017

Demand for mobile chat is growing and shows no signs of slowing down. On average, 51.68% of chat queries – that’s over 23 million chats! – were sent from a mobile device in 2018, a sharp 7.9% increase from 2017.

Our data confirms the widely held belief that customers continue to shift from desktop to mobile as their primary online device. One of the most important factors to include in your live chat strategy is mobile chat optimization, especially if you’re in the Recreation or Consumer Services industry where mobile chat volume is highest.

Mobile Chat Usage by Industry, 2018

Regardless of industry, country, or size, nearly every organization in our data set had chats coming in from mobile devices. Out of our entire dataset, only 12 organizations did not offer mobile chat.

It is no surprise to me that the mobile chat data shows significant growth. With the everincreasing need to be where your customers are, mobile chat provides the customer with wherever-needed assistance. With enhanced chat tools on the horizon, mobile chat is even showing promise to ease the burden of upstream obstacles like authentication due to the customer using a verified device. I suspect that Mobile Chat will continue to be leveraged and utilized by customers, showing growth for some years to come.

Becky Roemen
Senior CX Consultant

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