Live Chat Benchmark Report 2019


Live Chat Benchmark Report 2019

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Chapter 1

Customer Satisfaction and Chat Rating

83.10% with an avg. rating score of 4.20/5.00

Up 2.42% from 2017

Customer expectations continue to climb in our increasingly information-intensive and hyper-competitive world, and organizations are stepping up in response. The uptick in customer satisfaction1 recorded in 2018 is a welcome break from the downward trend that began in 2015, the first year we published benchmark data.

Customer Satisfaction and Chat Rating

This increase of 2.42% in customer satisfaction from 2017 to 2018 signals a hopeful changing of tides. Facing rising demand for personalized, meaningful interactions and seamless, ‘everychannel’ experiences, organizations are rolling up their sleeves to meet and exceed customer expectations. We’re still off the 2015 peak but the reversal in direction is significant and deserves celebration.

It’s wonderful to see Customer Satisfaction finally on the rise. Could it be that many Contact Center leaders are getting omnichannel right? Given the scope and complexity involved with these projects, it’s taken longer than expected for many brands to fully implement new technologies. Even so, many have persevered and excelled beyond the hump. I believe we are seeing the fruits of these labors presently, with more great things on the horizon!

Nate Brown
Co-founder, CX Accelerator

Customer Satisfaction and Rating by Team Size, 2018

When segmented by team size, our findings show that teams in the range of 11 to 25 agents and 26 to 50 agents are lagging behind other segments. As shown below, this could be the result of this segment having both the highest chat volumes and the shortest chat durations. They’re spending less quality time on more chats, causing their satisfaction score to degrade.

Lower CSAT and rating scores for teams of 1 to 5 agents are to be expected, as this tier is less likely to have agents 100% dedicated to live chat, and may also boast less mature customer experience practices.

Live chat cuts out the noise and helps our customers get answers instantly – something that’s especially important for us as we serve a highly technical audience. Chat has played a critical role in our ability to provide above and beyond customer service, evidenced by our 94% customer satisfaction score. In recent years, good customer service means more than just answering questions, it’s become more about the relationship between your business and the customer. Your customer satisfaction score is directly tied to how well you’re building those relationships. Live chat is an effective tool to bridge that gap.

Tim Grooms
Director of Marketing, Xylem Analytics NA

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