Live Chat Benchmark Report 2019


Live Chat Benchmark Report 2019

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Chapter 4

Canned Message Utilization

68.76% of Comm100 customers use canned messages

More and more organizations are discovering the convenience, consistency, and speed of canned messages. 68.76% of Comm100 customers used canned messages in 2018, compared to less than half in 2017. But there is still room for improvement.

Despite broader adoption, the average use of canned messages per chat declined. In 2017, of those that used canned messages, we saw most were using 2 to 5 canned messages per chat, but in 2018 we saw this range go down to between 1 and 2 canned messages per chat. This decline could simply be caused by the rise in number of organizations just getting started with canned messages.

Average Number of Canned Messages Per Chat by Team Size

Some of our customers do feel that canned messages are ‘robotic’ and ‘not personalized’, but when done right this tool can be a significant time-saver while also helping agents stay on brand and on tone. Canned messages are not designed to replace human interaction. Rather, they serve as shortcuts, either as complete answers to common questions or as snippets that can be easily personalized without having to re-write everything from scratch each time. Just how far you want to go with canned messages depends on your unique culture and training.

Even with extensive product and brand training, every agent has his or her own style that they bring to the job. But that doesn’t mean they reinvent responses from scratch each time they encounter the same situation; as they get more experienced, they get more ‘automated’. Canned messages let you accelerate that process by creating and distributing standard responses to your most common questions and ensuring that every agent delivers the same message, or at least starts with the same raw material. Agents can create their own private canned messages too, saving them time without compromising on their own personal style.

Jeff Epstein
VP Product Marketing and Communications, Comm100

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