Live Chat Benchmark Report 2019


Live Chat Benchmark Report 2019

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Chapter 6

Average Chats Per Month

Chats Per Month

The smaller the team, the fewer the total chats. But team size is obviously not causal here. It goes without saying that chat volume rises more or less in concert with company size, which is also the typical cause of growth in team size. But growth is not linear: following the team size breaks we used in our analysis, the increase in average chats per month rises by 384%, 327%, 154%, and finally by 224%.

Average chats per month

The challenge for organizations is to find the balance between supply and demand when making staffing decisions. You will need to look at chat volume, team size, chat duration, wait times, and queue length, and then you will need to consider your chat configuration options and the use of deflection channels like knowledge bases and bots. Finally, you will need to determine how best to reflect your organization’s culture in your live chat strategy. Easy, right?

For several of our customers, we’ve studied the relationships between chat volume, team size, and effectiveness. We’ve consistently found that having a dedicated team of chat agents is superior to having agents that are handling chats, emails, and phone calls at the same time. Chat is a unique medium and high-volume, highly-focused teams are more capable of cracking the nut than larger teams that are multi-tasking

Michael Housman
Chief Data Science Officer, RapportBoost.AI

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