Live Chat Benchmark Report 2017

This report is based on the real-world customer service data over a two-year period, covering 32,984,044 live chat interactions from companies all around the world. It shows the latest customer service trends and helps you benchmark your live chat performance.

What’s inside:

  • Changes of the 5 main customer service metrics in 2016 when compared with 2015: Customer Satisfaction Rate, Wait Time, Chat Duration, Chats Per Month and Chats Per Operator Per Month
  • Findings of how chat volume fluctuates by season
  • Country/industry specific data to benchmark your performance
  • Insights and comments from top customer service experts, including Shep Hyken, Kate Leggett, Jeff Toister, Kate Nasser, Blake Morgan, and more
  • Suggestions of what to do in 2017 to make your live chat suggessful

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