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Live Chat Benchmark Report 2016

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Chapter 4

Customer Service Metrics across Industries

We have divided our customers into 12 industries according to the products and services they provide.

For example, the Technology category includes both software development and web hosting companies.

You can use the industry data to measure your own live chat success as compared to similar companies.

Government & Organization Led the League

The Government & Organization industry took first place with 88.65% of their customers leaving positive ratings on their support.

We can see that the wait time of The Government & Organization industry is the shortest, meaning customers can be connected to operators in the fastest possible manner. This has laid the foundation for a high customer satisfaction rate.

Then we noticed that The Government & Organization industry received the lowest chat volume and a fairly long chat handle time. This allowed for every customer’s concern to be handled with more attention, which was likely the reason for their high satisfaction rate.

Finance Took the Silver Medal

The Finance industry has gained a customer satisfaction rate of 88.46%, taking the silver medal.

At 838 chats per operator per month, the Finance industry received 1.6 times the amount of chat volume as the runner up, which was recreation at 517. You can imagine how busy the operators were handling chat requests, and yet the industry managed to receive a relatively high satisfaction rate.

Ecommerce Was the Largest Participant

For every three companies in our sample, one was an ecommerce company.

Although the industry had the longest wait time at 1 min 13s, the customer satisfaction rate of the Ecommerce industry reached 87.50%, 2 points higher than the average customer satisfaction rate.

Travel Had the Most Room for Improvement

The Travel industry received the lowest customer satisfaction rate in 2015. Only 79.14% of their customers felt the live chat support they received was satisfying.

Yet it was quite interesting to notice that the other metrics were not as discouraging: The wait time was less than a minute; chats were handled in around 18 minutes; and the industry didn’t face an overwhelming chat volume.

It is possible that the nature of the Travel industry affects the possibility for dissatisfaction more than these metrics can account for. Whatever the reasons, this industry has the largest potential to improve their live chat customer experience.

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