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Live Chat Benchmark Report 2016

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Chapter 5

Customer Service Metrics across Countries

Our customers are located all over the globe and we have chosen the top 10 countries for presentation here.

Below is an overview of the 5 customer service metrics in different countries.

Top Three Countries in Customer Satisfaction Rate

Mexico, among other countries, has gained the highest customer satisfaction rate in the past year—94.11% of customers left positive ratings for the chat service they received. This is likely due to the short wait time and relatively low chat volume.

Australia also had low chat volume and took second place in the customer satisfaction race.

Canada came in third with the third shortest wait time, despite a relatively high chat volume.

US Was the Largest Participant

The US was the largest participant in this report. Nearly one third of the companies are located in the United States.

We found an outstanding gap among US companies regarding the number of chats per month. One company handles 14973 chats per month while the average is 327. The factors that might affect chat volume include company size, website traffic, and nature of business under operation.

Colombia Had the Largest Potential to Improve

Colombian companies received the lowest customer satisfaction rate in 2015. Only 68.87% of their customers felt the support they received was satisfying.

At the same time, Colombian companies spent only around 9 minutes handling each chat on average, the quickest among all the countries listed. They also received the second smallest chat volume.

Ultimately, there seems to be much room for improvement regarding customer satisfaction for Colombian companies.

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