Live Chat Benchmark Report 2016

Help Measure Your Live Chat Success

Live Chat Benchmark Report 2016

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Note: This version is out of date! Get the most updated version of this report for 2020 here.

Live chat is quickly becoming a must-have customer service channel for businesses in an array of different industries.

But after implementing live chat, how can you truly measure your team’s performance? This is a question that concerns executives and management.

To help answer this question, we’ve produced this benchmark report based on the real-world live chat operation data from a large range of different international industries.

This benchmark report explores:

  • Five main customer service metrics: customer satisfaction, wait time, chat duration, chats per month and chats per operator per month
  • The correlation between customer satisfaction and other four metrics
  • Breakdown of the 5 customer service metrics by industries
  • Breakdown of the 5 customer service metrics by countries

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