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5 Reasons Why Your Top 5 Executives Will Love Comm100 Chatbots

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Artificial Intelligence and chatbots are quickly making their mark as the most important technological innovations since the dawn of the Internet era. Now firmly entrenched as practical and powerful business applications, there isn’t an industry, company,
or department that doesn’t stand to benefit from their adoption.

While you know this to be true, chances are there are some people inside your organization who aren’t fully on board yet. We can help you change that.

Based on our experience selling, building, and maintaining chatbots for our customers, we’ve identified the top 5 roles most impacted by this technology, what they care about, and how chatbots will help them. With this guide in hand, you’ll be landing approval for your chatbot vision in no time.

The Head of the Contact Center

What matters to them

Today’s Head of Contact Center is always on the lookout for ways to improve operations through greater agent productivity, reduced operating costs, and improved customer satisfaction. Chatbots deliver across the board.

How chatbots deliver results

  1. Extended hours: Chatbots can operate 24/7, never take a break, and never get sick. Extending contact center hours has never been easier.
  2. Scalability: Chatbots can help an unlimited number of customers simultaneously, serving as an effective queue buster and cutting down on wait times.
  3. Intelligent routing: Many of the questions your agents get are easy to address. Deflect those to a chatbot and free up contact center agents’ time so they can focus on the more complex queries.
  4. Deflection isn’t a 4-letter word: Not every situation is appropriate for a chatbot to handle. The good ones know when and how to route visitors to the right human agents in the right department at the right time.
  5. Enter the Super Agent: Chatbots deployed internally can help human agents find responses quickly from a range of resources, improving capacity, reducing handling time, and aligning your team around the same, standardized replies.

The Head of Support

What matters to them

Excellent service and support turn frustrated, at-risk customers into happy and loyal advocates. Your Head of Support is always looking for effective ways to improve service quality and make support easier, faster, and more accessible.

How chatbots deliver results

  1. 24/7 availability: Chatbots provide round-the-clock global support for customers whenever and wherever they want – no need to worry about sick days or vacations.
  2. No wait times: 75% of customers complain that it takes too long to reach an agent. Chatbots make it easy to reduce or even eliminate wait times and provide answers when a human agent isn’t available.
  3. Highly personalized: The smartest chatbots can use customer profile details and normal human language to carry on a natural, personalized conversation
  4. A better way to execute: Chatbots provide an alternative to complex online forms or wizards and help customers execute tasks quickly and easily.
  5. Flexible: Bots can be deployed on every support channel, from website to knowledge base to social media and more. Wherever your customers are, chatbots will be there.

The Head of Sales

What matters to them

Money on the mind, and mind on the money – the Head of Sales has one goal: to drive revenue. That includes finding new opportunities, closing them faster, and growing them over time.

How chatbots deliver results

  1. Book more meetings: Chatbots can quickly qualify prospects on your website, engage them in a conversation, and help them book an appointment or demo on the spot without ever leaving the conversation.
  2. Shorten the path to purchase: Chatbots can guide customers to the solution they need quickly and accurately. Bots used in this way typically have a clickthrough purchase rate of 72%.
  3. Fill the shopping cart: Based on where visitors are on your site or in your app and what they’ve already put in their carts, chatbots can effectively cross-sell and upsell customers by alerting them to potential upgrades, discounts or deals.
  4. Reduce abandonment: By proactively inviting customers to chat at key stages of their shopping journey, chatbots can reduce shopping cart abandonment rates by up to 20%.
  5. The checkout lane that never sleeps: Since chatbots can operate around the clock, day in and day out, you’ll have an always-on sales assistant on call. Think what that can do for your sales cycle.

The Head of Marketing

What matters to them

The Head of Marketing’s goals include building the brand, attracting and capturing leads, filling the pipeline and driving revenue. In some organizations the Head of Marketing will also own the post-sale customer experience (CX). A high-performing team equipped with the right tools and data is essential to success, and chatbots are effective for every step along the customer journey.

How chatbots deliver results

  1. Bolster the brand: Your chatbot can be your most dedicated brand champion – always on message, always communicating in the right voice, and always dressed in the right colors.
  2. Account Based Chat: Bots can enhance your ABM strategy by identifying qualified accounts and visitors and delivering a suitably personalized experience.
  3. Compelling calls to action: Enhance landing pages and drive conversions with a bot that can provide instant answers and remove barriers to information requests, demo requests, free trials, or sales inquiries.
  4. Own the journey: Bots can be configured to service different needs along the entire customer journey from pre-sales inquiries through to post-purchase support.
  5. Segmentation: Deploy different bots for different market segments and route prospects and customers accordingly, offering more targeted messaging and greater personalization.

The Head of Finance

What matters to them

The Head of Finance is tasked with making sure that the company is in good financial health and getting the most bang for the company’s buck on everything – whether that be people, services, or technology. Proving ROI on any investment is non-negotiable.

How chatbots deliver results

  1. Full transactional visibility: Thanks to chatbot’s integration capabilities, all transactions are logged straight in your CRM and/or ERP systems, providing full visibility into customer transactions.
  2. Chatbots are on the rise: Researchers predict that within the next five years, 75 and 90% of queries will be handled by chatbots, with cost savings of up to $0.70 per interaction.
  3. Improve productivity with automation: 29% of customer service tasks can be automated with chatbot, saving time, money, and agent effort.
  4. Cost savings without cutting quality: Chatbots currently account for a total business cost savings of $20 million for organizations worldwide.
  5. The future is chatbot: Efficiencies created by chatbot automation are projected to trim operation costs for businesses globally by 8 billion year-over-year by 2022.

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