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The Ultimate Guide to Managing a Successful Live Chat Team

How to build, train and measure your customer service team for peak performance

No matter the size of your organization, setting up and managing a live chat team can be a nail-biting experience. Even if the technology roll-out is smooth, there are many other factors to consider for your live chat team to succeed.

This comprehensive guide will take you through every key step to building (or restructuring) a top-performing live chat team. 

This eBook is 120 pages. We didn’t want to cut corners, (and you shouldn’t either!) when it comes to building your live chat team. Either read it cover-to-cover, or pick out the most relevant sections to you. Whatever you do, keep it by your side (or in your bookmarks!) and refer back to it when you need some guidance or inspiration for the perfect customer service team.

Download this eBook to learn how to:

  • Build your dream team – with top interview tips to find the best agents
  • Train your agents for live chat success – onboarding programs & live chat scripts
  • Track and measure your results – with the most important KPIs
  • Take your team to the next level – with cutting edge technology and features.

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