Transforming the Financial Services Client Experience with Chat and AI


Transforming the Financial Services Client Experience with Chat and AI

A Guide for the Financial Services Sector

Transforming the Financial Services Client Experience with Chat and AI

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Few facets of our lives have been left untouched by technology. The way we communicate, work, and manage our finances has changed dramatically even in the past five years, courtesy of mobile apps, virtual assistants, artificial intelligence (AI) and more.

In the financial services sector, the revolution has been led by clients looking to make the most of these innovations for better, faster, and more convenient experiences. In the area of support, 79% of clients now prefer service through online chat and 59% of all chats involve a chatbot.

This data indicates that the desire for convenience is driving this shift towards digital engagement. Channels like live chat and chatbots are easy to use, quick, and most importantly, convenient. Many clients prefer to use this technology rather than making time to visit a branch or calling in.

That’s not to say traditional channels like phone are going away. Organizations need to consider how they can enhance and compliment the channels they already have for those who prefer more traditional ways of banking but want more modern service and support – for example going to see a financial advisor in person but being able to book the meeting over chat instead of through phone.

While there are many exciting and intriguing possibilities about how technology for financial services will develop in the years ahead, businesses need to remain focused on providing support and service in channels that are safe, secure and in keeping with what their clients want.

Live chat and chatbots are giving financial institutions the chance to enhance the quality of service they offer clients with real-time support that’s quick, easily accessible, convenient, and secure. They are vital components of a comprehensive, digital client experience strategy that will ensure your organization responds successfully to changing client expectations.

But how do financial institutions get started? Read on for a comprehensive guide to implementing live chat and chatbots as part of your total client experience strategy.

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