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Higher Education Guide

The CIO’s Handbook: Navigating Human-Bot Collaboration in Higher Ed

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The role and expectations of IT departments in higher education are shifting. This guide explores the challenges this creates, but also the great opportunities for CIOs to:

  • Impose their perspective within the institution’s strategic decision-making
  • Address and meet the heightened digital expectations of today’s students
  • Overcome budget constraints with cost-effective communication strategies & technologies.

This guide will also explore how and why IT must adopt human-bot harmony within their team and across departments to achieve lower support costs, streamline IT infrastructure, and keep up with technological advancements.

Human-bot harmony is the optimal balance between human agent and bot automation engagement. Schools must combine the personability of human agents with the efficiency of bots to achieve efficient and cost-effective support that students love.


  • An analysis – The current state of IT in Higher Education
  • Challenges for CIOs in 2023
  • Introducing Human-Bot Harmony
  • Higher Education CIO Checklist

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