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Student Social Media Expectations – How to Support & Engage on the Platforms of Choice

97% of students use social media, so why aren’t more higher education institutions providing support on these platforms?

Students expect fast and convenient support on the channels that they use. Social media caters to all of these expectations, but the idea of supporting a vast community on social media across departments can seem daunting to many schools.

Comm100’s digital omnichannel support platform turns this into a breeze. By connecting every digital channel into one agent console, schools can efficiently and cost-effectively support their students on their channel of choice – whether that’s social media, live chat, email, or even SMS.

By offering social media as a communication channel, institutions can use social media to support the full student lifecycle – from enrolment and engagement, to retention and satisfaction.

This eBook will cover:

  • Why schools must prioritize digital support channels, and particularly social media
  • The best practices for using social media as a student support channel
  • How to improve support, engagement, and satisfaction with digital omnichannel.

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