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Starting with Live Chat


Starting with Live Chat: Strategy and Planning

According to a study done by the American Marketing Association, live chat helps increase conversions by at least 20 percent. The same study showed that the typical ROI rate for sales teams from paid live chat software is about 300%.

There are many reasons why a business might turn to live chat. Whether it is to increase sales through proactive chat invitations, or generate loyalty through better customer service, one thing is clear: live chat produces results.

This eBook was written as a resource for companies who are just starting, or thinking about starting their live chat journeys. If you are curious about what live chat can do for your business, then this eBook can help you find out.

This introductory knowledge includes the following:

  • An overview of what live chat is
  • The must-know benefits of live chat
  • How to define live chat objectives that work for your company
  • How many live chat agents you might need on your team to achieve your objectives.

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