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The Top Ten Ways That Live Chat Can Increase Sales

As the customer experience industry becomes increasingly digital, organizations need to constantly think of new and innovative ways to combat the problems that come along with it. Increased competition from online retailers, changing customer loyalties, and demand for multi-channel communication are all new barriers to increasing sales.

While traditional lead generation methods usually target only certain parts of the sales funnel, while live chat can generate leads throughout the entire customer journey. From market awareness and pre-sales to post-sales support and customer retention, live chat is a lead generation tool that touches every stage of the customer cycle.

In this guide, we detail 10 ways live chat can help you get across those new barriers and increase your top-line, ensuring your business stays ahead of the competition.

In it you will find:

  • 10 ways live chat can help your business increase conversion and generate more revenue
  • Live chat use cases and best practice tips to help maximize your ROI
  • How live chat can help your business increase sales opportunities from both new and existing customers
  • We hope you find it useful!

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