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Connecting with International Students – How to Use Digital Support Channels to Boost Engagement

Every university or college trying to connect with international students knows how it poses unique and difficult challenges, yet the opportunity is there for schools who can connect with them.

While 40% of domestic students surveyed say they would never use student support services, only 20% of international students said the same. International students clearly want and need support, so the (multi) million-dollar question is – how can you connect with them?

The answer lies in digital communication channels. By providing students with the digital channels that they want to connect on, when they want to, institutions increase the opportunity for engagement at every stage of the student lifecycle.

Download this guide to learn:

  • Why digital channels are key to the success of international student engagement
  • How institutions can use live chat and chatbots to connect with international students
  • How digital omnichannel support takes it up a gear and takes schools one step closer to digital CX excellence.

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