A Complete Guide to Writing for Customers: Templates & Tips for Credible Communication in Every Situation

Communications with customers can make or break your business.

Warm and persuasive words have the power to drive sales, build loyalty, and create lasting relationships for years to come.

On the other hand, communications which miss the mark can annoy or even upset customers, driving a wedge between you and the customers you depend on for continued success.

Whether your communications are over letter, email or any other text-based medium, our eBook has all the best practices, tips and templates for you to write customer letters that are convincing, credible and impactful.

This eBook contains the following chapters:

  • 6 Useful Examples of Apology Letters to Customers
  • How to Write a Thank You Letter to Your Customer with Easy-to-Use Samples
  • 5 Things to Consider Before Drafting Sales Letters and Emails
  • How to Write Powerful B2C Sales Letters and Emails, with 7 Real-Life Examples
  • How to Write a Winning B2B Sales Letter in 7 Easy Steps
  • Holidays, Birthdays and More – 20+ Letters to Customers for Special Occasions

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