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Everything You Need to Know about Customer Engagement Software


If you’re looking to find the best customer engagement software for your business, you’ll know that it’s not an easy task.

Searching for “Customer Engagement Software” brings up sites which include hugely different types of software under this single category — for example, putting CRM, live chat and marketing solutions together. It’s often not clear what the different use cases and benefits of each are, let alone whether they’re right for you.

This eBook is designed to demystify the different types of solutions available, and provide plain English guidance to help you navigate the customer engagement software landscape.

It will help you to learn about typical software solutions, categorize them according to your needs, understand typical benefits and pitfalls, and it also comes with a handy checklist to guide your final decision.

Chapters include:

  • CRM, Social Media, Marketing and More — Everything You Need to Know About Customer Engagement Software
  • SalesForce, Hubspot, Zendesk and More — Which Customer Engagement Software is Right for Me?
  • What’s the Catch? — 11 Hidden Pitfalls of Your Favorite Customer Engagement Tools
  • Choosing My Solution: A Customer Engagement Software Checklist.

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