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how to create CSAT surveys


How to Create Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Ready-Made Templates, Questions & Tips

Customer satisfaction surveys are an essential tool for any manager looking to drive customer service improvement – and running a regular customer feedback survey is usually the first step in creating a customer-focused culture, too. But drafting an effective customer satisfaction survey that gives you actionable information from the first try can be tricky.

That’s why Comm100 has created this handy eBook, to help you draft and launch a useful customer satisfaction survey for your business.

The eBook contains tips and techniques to help you get your survey off the ground, whether you’re creating a generic customer satisfaction survey or are looking for something more specialized. It also contains special sections for different industries and survey use cases, allowing you to create a survey question set that’s useful and personalized to your business.

Finally, each section ends with a template that you can adapt for your use.

This eBook contains the following chapters:

  • How to Create the Perfect Customer Satisfaction Survey: Questions, Tips & Templates
  • A Complete Customer Feedback Form for Service Industry Improvement
  • Call Center Survey Questions for Better Customer Satisfaction
  • How to Create the Best eCommerce Customer Service Surveys
  • How to Create Successful Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions for IT Helpdesks
  • How To Craft Helpful B2B Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions
  • How to Draft Effective Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions for Hotels & Tourism
  • Internal Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions: Giving Employees a Voice.

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