Know Before You Bot

Straight answers to the 10 most important questions about getting started with chatbots

Know Before You Bot

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If you’ve come to the realization that your customer engagements could benefit from artificial intelligence like chatbots, welcome to the party! It’s exciting when new technology can deliver better customer and agent experiences in extremely cost-effective ways.

You’re not alone. According to our annual benchmark report, more and more companies are taking bots from vision to reality. Looking at our bot customers:

  • Bots are involved in more than half of all chat interactions
  • Chatbots field an average of 80,000 chats per month
  • 1 in 4 bot interactions have no agent involvement

And it’s not just brands that are on board; consumers already accept or even prefer chatbots. According to Aspect Consumer Experience Index, 61% of consumers think that chatbots in customer service is the way of the future. Seventy percent of millennials report positive experiences with chatbots, and many prefer chatbots for the convenience and immediate response.

Chatbots also come with another huge benefit for your customers: 24/7 service. Businesses of any size can answer queries even during off hours – wherever and whenever the customer wants.

Done right, chatbots can actually improve agent efficiency and productivity while delivering better customer experiences. But many organizations don’t know how or where to start.

Today, there are broad disparities in chatbot capabilities. While one bot can book you a flight or address you in many languages, others still struggle to complete the single task for which they were designed. In some cases, the technology itself doesn’t deliver, but most of the time the real culprit is a lack of training and maintenance by chatbot owners.

Luckily, launching a quality chatbot isn’t hard as long as you approach it properly. Whether you’re building a customer support chatbot for your website or an engaging marketing bot for Facebook Messenger, be sure to answer these questions to ensure your chatbot meets both customer and business expectations – every time. From how NLP works in chatbots, to how to make a chatbot, we’ve got you covered.

Know Before You Bot

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