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Ultimate Guide to Building a Live Chat Dream Team

Ultimate Guide to Building a Live Chat Dream Team

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Launching a new live chat service can be a nail-biting time for managers. Not only do you need to ensure that all of the relevant technical requirements are satisfied to ensure a smooth launch, but you also need to consider how to build and staff your new team of live chat agents.

This comprehensive eBook contains everything you need to know about hiring, interviewing and training your new live chat team – whether they’re in the same office as you, or remote workers.

It covers best-practice tips and tools you’ll need to help you go live smoothly and efficiently, covering all of the considerations you might not have thought of. You can pick out the sections which are most relevant to you, or read cover-to-cover for maximum impact.

The following chapters are included:

  • 20+ Must Have Customer Service Skills to Look for in a Live Chat Agent
  • Best Interview Questions and Answers for Hiring Live Chat Agents
  • How to Go the Distance: Key Tips and Practices for Managing a Remote Live Chat Team
  • Do You Have an Effective Live Chat Onboarding Program? Here’s Why and How You Should Get One
  • Winning Live Chat Training for Your Customer Service Team
  • Do Your Live Chat Agents Measure Up? The 9 Best Key Performance Indicators and How to Use Them

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