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Since 2015

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The Numbers

4.7 / 5 – live chat customer satisfaction (CSAT)
35% – chats resolved by bot

The Organization

Ya Ya Creations is a B2B wholesale event supply and specialty linen company established in 2002, headquartered in California. With multiple fulfillment warehouses located on both the west and east coasts, they have been serving clients across the country for over two decades.

The Background

Ya Ya Creation’s has one customer service and support team that fields all inquiries from both prospects and customers. By 2014, as support volumes grew, it became clear that a more efficient solution was needed to handle the increasing demand without expanding the team size.

Live chat emerged as the perfect solution to this challenge as they knew that the real-time, concurrent nature of the channel could increase agent productivity.

Ya Ya Creations initially adopted LivePerson, but they soon faced issues with both limited functionality and software stability. When the team was facing heavy customer support traffic, the platform would often lag or even crash. This was not only harming the customer experience – it was leading to website abandonment, lost sales, and brand damage.

The Solution

On discovering Comm100’s impressive platform uptime and stability, Ya Ya Creations switched providers from LivePerson to Comm100 Live Chat in 2015. Comm100’s platform boasts industry-leading availability, particularly when facing high traffic, and even during scheduled maintenance or unexpected downtimes

Launching with Comm100 Live Chat in 2015, the chat team of 20 agents now handles all prospect and customer queries, from general FAQs and order status tracking to sales queries. With the speed and efficiency of live chat, the team can respond to more inquiries than was possible with just email and phone support. This has had positive effects across the site and business. As well as improving the overall customer experience, Comm100 Live Chat has also helped to decrease cart abandonment and increase conversion. This has largely been driven by the speed at which agents can respond to inquiries, as well as the accessibility and convenience of live chat.
Alongside Comm100 Live Chat, Ya Ya Creations also integrated Comm100’s Email and Ticketing solutions within the platform. They wanted to ensure live chat and email were connected within one platform so:

  1. Agents can switch easily and quickly between channels depending on support volume,
  2. Chat history is connected across channels so agents have a better understanding of each customer and how to best help,
  3. The company only required one vendor relationship with one piece of software.

Auto chat and ticket allocation is a stand-out feature, according to Katy L., Customer Service Manager at Ya Ya Creations. This tool automatically distributes incoming inquiries on live chat and email, rather than agents manually choosing the inquiry themselves. This improves efficiency and reduces queue abandonment. Katy also sets distribution rules to define how inquiries are allocated, with a choice of load balancing, round robin, agent capability, and the last-chatted agent.

In 2022, Ya Ya Creations decided to introduce automation into their operations to improve capacity, as well as increase support standardization. After researching both Gorgia and Re:amaze, they chose Comm100’s AI Chatbot – Custom Answers Chatbot.

Integrated within Comm100 Live Chat, Custom Answers Chatbot greets every conversation and requests some basic information about the user and their query. The bot then resolves the question by working through intuitive workflows. If the query needs human support, the bot can route the chat to a live agent alongside the chat history to save agent time and improve the experience.

Comm100’s bot is solving two key goals for Ya Ya Creations:

  1. The chatbot resolves 35% of all chats without any agent involvement. This automation increases the team’s capacity and reduces wait time. With the bot handling all the common queries, it’s also providing agents with more time to focus on complex queries and tasks that need more time and care.
  2. The chatbot has improved response consistency and uniformity. Rather than an agent advising a customer in various ways, the bot ensures every response is standardized by following a predefined workflow. This greater control helps to improve customer satisfaction and better manage expectations.

Comm100 Custom Answers Chatbot doesn’t only resolve common FAQS. With flexible integrations to their key systems, the bot can resolve complex queries and accomplish tasks. For example, by integrating the bot with their order tracking software, the bot can pull details about a customer’s order and delivery status. With powerful webhooks, the bot can also update systems, such as unsubscribing customers from their mailing list and updating the CRM.

Comm100 Custom Answers Chatbot also offers webviews. This allows them to create custom HTML pages displayed within the chat window. These pages are shown to visitors when a certain intent is detected, allowing them to use complex, multi-step forms which require data from APIs to populate their fields.

“If an organization is looking to adopt a chatbot, Comm100 is the perfect platform to support that. With its easy build and advanced functions like webhooks and webviews, the bot can be very powerful.”

Praveen Ellur, Vice President of Technology, Ya Ya Creations

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