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The Organization is a betting and entertainment platform with more than 10 years of experience in the international online gaming field. It offers over 50 sport types and more than 40,000 options every month in the live betting section, as well as live casino.

The Background

In 2018, Ultrabet recognized that player support was becoming critical to their operations. With such high competition, the promptness and accessibility of support could impact almost every key conversion metric, including registration, first deposit, spend, and loyalty.

By just offering traditional support channels – email and telephone – Ultrabet knew that their customer service approach was not keeping pace with the 24/7 nature of online gambling – damaging every key conversion metric. To meet these player expectations, Ultrabet chose to invest in live chat.

The Solution

Determined to redefine their player support, Ultrabet implemented Comm100 Live Chat on their site in 2018. The solution was aimed at delivering immediate, convenient, and personalized assistance to foster greater engagement, spend, and loyalty across their platform.

Live chat has become by far the most popular support channel among its players. According to Burak Dogu, Marketing Manager at Ultrabet, the platform is also very popular with agents and managers with an “incredibly easy user interface and simple management”.

The integration of Comm100 Live Chat at Ultrabet has marked a significant shift in their approach to player support and engagement:

  • Instant resolution to increase spend: Comm100 Live Chat enables Ultrabet to deliver real-time communication, allowing players to receive instant support without interrupting their gaming experience. This immediacy helps prevent frustrations or issues that could drive the player to not spend, or to bounce to another platform altogether.
  • Round-the-clock availability for VIP support: Acknowledging the global nature of their player base, Ultrabet can now deliver 24/7 support through live chat. This boosts engagement, helping increase spending and provide a higher quality of support to their VIP players.
  • Personalized communication to boost engagement: By integrating live chat with their CRM, agents are equipped to offer personalized assistance to every player. Agents have access to a wealth of information within the chat console, so players receive more helpful and relevant support that keeps them online.
  • Chat concurrency to improve operational efficiency: Live chat allows Ultrabet’s support team to handle multiple inquiries simultaneously, increasing efficiency while reducing the need for a larger support staff. This is further boosted by canned messages.

Burak Dogu was responsible for adopting Comm100 Live Chat. According to Burak, Comm100 was very straightforward and easy to install. “It couldn’t have been easier to set up Comm100 Live Chat. We configured the set up how we wanted it to work for us, chose our customization options, and plugged it in. We were up and running in days.

Burak Dogu also spoke of the reliability of Comm100’s platform over their 6 years of partnership. As Burak explained: “The Comm100 platform is remarkably stable. We’ve been using Comm100 since 2018 and in all this time, we’ve never experienced any noticeable issues or interruptions to our service. I don’t think you can claim that of any other live chat provider out there!

Through the strategic use of live chat, Ultrabet has set a new standard in customer service within the online gaming industry, demonstrating a firm commitment to meeting the evolving needs of their players.

“Working with the Comm100 team has been a truly enjoyable experience. The team is extremely professional, helpful, and effective. Throughout our 6 years together, they have always been supportive and gone the extra mile to understand our needs. The outcomes have really exceeded my expectations, and I look forward to working with them on more future projects.”

Burak Dogu, Marketing Manager, Ultrabet

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