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The Numbers

4.07 – Live chat CSAT
84% – Increase in registration
28% – Chats managed by the bot

The Organization

PadişahBet is an online gaming and gambling provider based in Turkey. It serves as a game provider offering 24/7 live and standard betting options, as well as thousands of game selections in the casino and slot fields.

The Background

In our digital world, online players expect immediacy. They are used to instant problem resolution. PadişahBet recognized that email and phone support couldn’t provide this level of instancy that their players demanded. Moreover, they knew that their support offering was driving high player attrition and lower engagement.

As well as immediate communication, PadişahBet also realized that their players expected 24/7 support. Only offering support during typical business hours didn’t reflect their players’ gaming behaviors or needs. As well as decreasing player engagement, it was also damaging the experience for their high-spending, VIP players.

The Solution

To solve their challenges, PadişahBet chose to implement live chat for immediate assistance, supported by an AI chatbot for 24/7 communication. On the recommendations of trusted partners, PadişahBet chose Comm100’s Live Chat & AI Chatbot.

Following an “incredibly fast and smooth” setup and installation, according to PadişahBet’s Pelin Kaya, Support Team Manager, players immediately began using Comm100 Live Chat. This quick adoption to the new channel proved the demand for the speed and convenience of live chat.

“Our players love using Comm100 Live Chat. As soon as we launched it, players began reaching out to us on it. They appreciate being able to instantly connect with us, ask a question, and get on with their game or bet. No more long wait times, communication breakdowns, or irritated players!”

Pelin Kaya, Live Support Team Manager, PadişahBet

To deliver this support 24/7, PadişahBet also adopted Comm100 AI Chatbot. Of total chats, over 28% are solely managed by the bot without any human agent assistance. With players now receiving answers to their questions around-the-clock, churn and bounce rates have fallen, while engagement and spend have risen. This has resulted in an 84% increase in player registration, which continues to rise.

"Comm100’s AI Chatbot is a game-changer for us. By providing our players with 24/7 support, we can make sure that any issue that may prevent them from activating, depositing or betting is removed. The bot can answer the majority of our players’ common queries without any human involvement."

Pelin Kaya, Live Support Team Manager, PadişahBet

As well as the integrated AI chatbot, Comm100’s rich reporting suite has become an essential feature for PadişahBet. Detailed performance and agent reports allow them to understand what their players need and how they can improve their support offering. This can even be understood in real-time with live data, from current queue lengths and ongoing chats to visitors on site and chat utilization.

The thorough security and privacy compliances was another essential feature for PadişahBet. Comm100 delivers every compliance required for gambling sites, as well as self-hosted deployment and the ability to change support domains. As a result, PadişahBet can create multiple layers of privacy and retain complete control over its data. The Comm100 platform also delivers high levels of reliability and uptime, ensuring uninterrupted gaming experiences for players.

Reflecting on their experience with the Comm100 team, Pelin couldn’t help but appreciate the helpful and attentive support they always received.

“We have great communication with Comm100. Our account manager has always been especially supportive and explanatory whenever we have questions. We really see that Brian and his team work hard for us, and we are grateful for all their efforts. It’s so great to see Comm100 caring about their customers and their product suggestions too.”

Pelin Kaya, Live Support Team Manager, PadişahBet

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