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Comm100 Live Chat, AI Chatbot & WhatsApp

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Since March 2021

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The Numbers

2 – AI chatbots
78% – Bot-only chats
57s – Live chat wait time

The Background

Global Affairs Canada is the department of the Government of Canada that manages Canada’s diplomatic and consular relations, international trade, and international development and humanitarian assistance.

In 2021, Global Affairs Canada (GAC) only offered email and phone support to their broad stakeholder audience. They recognized that this lack of channel choice, coupled with these channels’ slow response times and inaccessibility, was harming the user’s experience. The need, and opportunity, to improve their service offering with digital communication was evident.

The Solution

To solve this issue with one piece of software, GAC adopted Comm100. Following a successful pilot, GAC partnered with Comm100 and adopted its Omnichannel platform with live chat, AI chatbot, and WhatsApp.

With these three channels added to their service offering, GAC now offers convenient, accessible, and fast support to their stakeholders:

  • Comm100 Live Chat provides real-time resolution with a short 57 second wait time,
  • Two Comm100 AI Chatbots deliver 24/7 assistance in either English or French
  • WhatsApp support ensures GAC are meeting their stakeholders where they are.

As an IT Professional at Global Affairs Canada explained to us: “We wanted to make it easier for our whole stakeholder base to contact us. Comm100 has given us that – every individual can now choose what channel they prefer and get their query answered, quickly and accurately.”

The adoption of Comm100 AI Chatbot has also increased GAC’s support capacity. The two chatbots handle 78% of incoming chats, resolving common questions to give agents more time to spend on complex queries. The bot also serves another important function for GAC – filtering and offloading queries. Around 75% of all GAC’s chat requests are intended for different government departments and can’t be answered by their team. Rather than consuming agent time with extraneous work, the bot can handle these queries, directing the user to the appropriate resource.

Every channel is connected within Comm100 Omnichannel. Whether a user reaches out via WhatsApp or live chat, the message is funneled into a unified agent console. This gives agents visibility into every user and their previous conversation history, empowering them to deliver more helpful and efficient support. Also, agent productivity is improved as agents don’t need to switch between systems or apps.

“Comm100 does exactly what we needed it to do – integrate multiple channels of communication into a single platform so we don’t have to monitor multiple devices and accounts. This improves agent productivity, and most importantly, improves the end user’s experience.” – IT Professional, Global Affairs Canada

"I have nothing bad to say about Comm100. It's been great - responses are quick and clear. Really there's nothing I could say that could be done better, especially on the support side."

IT Professional, Global Affairs Canada

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