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The Numbers

7 – departments
4.7 – live chat CSAT score
65% – chats managed by bot

The Background

A Californian County Court was using Cisco’s chat software to provide the fast and convenient support of live chat. However, despite its integration with the Cisco contact center system that the Court was more widely using, the chat software was restrictive. It lacked many capabilities that were hindering their efforts to improve constituent support. The lack of an integrated chatbot was a particular issue too.

Hoping to find a more comprehensive chat solution with an AI-powered bot, the court explored recommendations from fellow government agencies. This exploration led them to Comm100. What stood out about Comm100 were its effortless compatibility with Cisco Contact Center Express, its customizable AI chatbot, and its intuitive user interface.

The Solution

The Court made the switch to Comm100 Live Chat in June 2022 to offer the community instant and convenient support that they’ve come to expect in this digital age.

Across the organization, seven departments with 95 agents have adopted Comm100 Live Chat & Chatbot. The transition was smooth, with agents quickly adapting to the new software with little training required to learn how to use it. They have also received a very positive reaction from the public, enjoying an average 4.7 out of 5 customer satisfaction score (CSAT) across departments.

The introduction of Comm100 AI Chatbot was game-changing for the Court. The bot is set up to autonomously handle straightforward and common inquiries that take up a lot of agent time. Across the seven departments, an average 65% of chats are resolved by the chatbot. This figure rises as high as 84% in the Criminal department.

This has had two major benefits. Firstly, with the majority of queries handled by the bot, agents are no longer swamped by support requests. Secondly, the introduction of the bot has improved the constituent experience as they receive faster responses with no wait times.

"Since we’ve adopted Comm100 Live Chat and Chatbot, we have significantly reduced wait times for our constituents, while alleviating intense support volumes for our agents. We are now providing our constituents with more convenient and faster support that today’s public expect - and that phone nor email could provide alone."

Systems Engineer, The Californian County Court

Another standout benefit of Comm100 Chatbot was its capability to offer uninterrupted, around-the-clock assistance. Unlike human agents who have set working hours and need breaks, the bot remains active 24/7. This ensures that regardless of the time, constituents always have a resource available for immediate help. This continuous support becomes especially invaluable for those who might be reaching out outside of traditional working hours, ensuring that they are not left waiting or feeling unheard.

Initially, a simpler keyword-driven bot was set up. Over time, with the help of Comm100’s resources and expert advice, the Court evolved to use the more advanced Comm100 AI Chatbot. This switch brought about more relevant and context-aware responses, leading to even higher satisfaction and better resolution rates.

One of Comm100’s most invaluable features is its seamless integration with Cisco. Additionally, there were many other tools that have helped the Court to elevate the constituent experience:

  • Canned messages: for efficient and fast responses
  • Pre-chat intake surveys: to collect information about the constituent and their query so that if the chat needs to be passed to an agent, they understand the issue and don’t require the constituent to repeat themselves
  • Post-chat surveys: for feedback and ratings to help refine chatbot responses and enhance operations
  • Reporting suite: to understand how the teams are performing and where they need to improve – such as wait time, resolution time, number of chats – and alter the team accordingly.

"Our onboarding experience was amplified by the hands-on training, allowing us to ask questions in-person, rather than relying on on-demand videos or documentation. And any time we needed help, or a challenge popped up, the Comm100 team was right there with prompt and efficient support."

Systems Engineer, The Californian County Court

The Wrap-up

The Court’s leap to Comm100 Live Chat & AI Chatbot showcases a forward-thinking approach to constituent service and support. In blending technology and automation with the human touch, they’ve set a high benchmark in constituent engagement and efficient service delivery.

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