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The Organization

For over 80 years, Motor City Community Credit Union has provided complete financial services to Windsor and Essex County. Servicing over 13,000 members with technology, products and services, Motor City prides itself on putting people before profits, being heavily involved in local decision-making, and supporting the community.

The Results by Numbers

4.6/5 – CSAT
30 secs – Response time
8mins 9secs – Chat duration

Our goal as a credit union is to deliver the best possible service to our members, and Comm100 Live Chat is helping us achieve that. We couldn't be happier with the software or the support.

Robert Griffith, Chief Executive Officer, Motor City Community Credit Union

The Challenge

At the very core of Motor City Community Credit Union is a drive to do what is best for their members and support the community. As they express, they are “here for the people in our community.

Naturally, member support is central to these core values, and in 2021 they recognized that they could be doing more to support their members. While Motor City offered telephone and email support, they began noticing a sharp increase among other credit unions that adopted live chat.

“We kept seeing more and more credit unions adding live chat to their support offering. On top of this, we also saw our members becoming more digitally savvy and actively seeking digital support. We knew we had to enhance our member experience by offering live chat.” – Matthieu Hebert, Manager of Innovation, Motor City Community Credit Union.

Along with wanting to connect with their members digitally, Motor City also recognized that many members were seeking help outside of business hours and realized that a chatbot could be the perfect cost-effective solution to help alleviate this problem.

To this end, Motor City began researching live chat and chatbot software. With many credit unions already offering live chat, they discovered VantageOne Credit Union, Access Credit Union, and LMCU offered Comm100. Once confirming that Comm100 offered all the features they required at a low market price and is hosted in Canada as their security needs directed, they chose to partner with Comm100.

The Results

Step one for Motor City was to set up Comm100 Live Chat so they could provide fast and convenient support to their members. During business hours, Motor City’s agents respond in real-time to any member questions through live chat, helping them to improve member experience and engagement:

“Today’s credit union members expect a great digital experience, so we knew we couldn’t just rely on phone and email support anymore. It’s also essential to offer live chat so you can meet members’ support expectations and let them connect how they want to.” – Robert Griffith, Chief Executive Officer, Motor City Community Credit Union.

With Comm100 Live Chat in place, Motor City is now enjoying an impressive average customer satisfaction score of 4.6 out of 5 and response time sits at just 30 seconds, with chat volume continuing to grow.

At first, Motor City was unsure how their members would receive live chat, but as Matthieu Hebert explains, members fully embraced live chat:

“All of our members love using live chat, regardless of age. We have been pleasantly surprised to find our older members embracing live chat, finding it easy to use and comfortable sharing personal information. Our chat volumes keep growing and, importantly, come back to use it again and again.”

All credit unions need to build relationships with their members. While Motor City can achieve this with in-person interactions, it can be more difficult with remote support. However, with live chat, Motor City’s representatives have found it much easier to connect with members and build this rapport. Proactive chat is also helpful in conveying this caring and attentive image, as reps can send a chat invitation to members on their site who appear to need support. Representatives also use co-browsing to help them understand where the member is having trouble and personally guide them through the process, which members have reported to be “incredibly helpful.

Overall, the onboarding and training of Comm100 Live Chat was quick and smooth, with Motor City up and running within weeks. As Matthieu explained:

“The onboarding experience was great. The team at Comm100 was very responsive and ensured we had everything we needed, so the implementation was extremely smooth. The agent training was great too – Maria was fantastic and helped our representatives learn how to use the system very quickly.”

Next steps

The next step in their goal to improve member experience is to set up Comm100 Chatbot so they can offer 24/7 support. Chatbot is being launched in Q2 2022 as the team finishes building the chatbot and prepares for launch.

Our experience with Comm100 has been fantastic, from sales to training and everything in between. Everyone is always so responsive and happy to help us, no matter the problem, no matter the time. I’m really looking forward to working with them far into the future and continuing to improve our member experience.

Matthieu Hebert, Project Manager, Motor City Community Credit Union

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