The Key to 24/7 Support for Small Businesses

A Beginner’s Guide to Task Bots

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Chapter 2

Customer engagement 2.0: Why is Comm100 Task Bot a game-changer for small business?

Bots have been changing the game for years. When American Railway giant, Amtrak, launched their booking bot ten years ago, they saved $1 million on customer service costs in a single year, while experiencing a 30% increase of revenue from online ticket booking.

Unfortunately, these early bots required extensive development and programming, so they were only accessible by companies with significant resources to spend on them. Today, Comm100 is making these benefits accessible to companies of all sizes with Task Bot, giving them access to customer service automation that enterprise-level companies have had for years. And better still, Comm100 Task Bot comes free with Comm100’s award-winning free live chat so teams can offer the perfect combination of human agent and automation.

Here are the top 5 benefits of Comm100 Task Bot, and how they can transform customer service, support, and sales.

1.  24-hour engagement that fits any budget

Every year, more and more consumers want businesses to accommodate their schedules and deliver 24/7 customer service. As customers continue to move dramatically toward online channels, the need for convenience and flexibility is greater than ever before. Instancy from brands isn’t just a demand: it’s an expectation.

24/7 customer support isn’t realistic for the vast majority of businesses – but with Task Bot, it is. By setting up Task Bot’s automation, companies of all sizes can offer 24/7 support without spending thousands of dollars hiring new staff or outsourcing to an international customer service provider. By offering round-the-clock support, companies don’t only drastically improve customer experience – they also give themselves a far greater window to engage with prospects from any time zone, making sure they don’t miss out on potential sales just because their agents had clocked off 5 minutes earlier.

A task bot’s 24/7 customer service automation also helps reduce your overall interaction volume during operating hours – including calls, chats, emails, and social media inquiries. With task bots handling up to 80% of inquiries, they also help keep overnight inbox flooding to a minimum.

Comm100 Task Bots are on-brand and quality-controlled and maintain a high level of convenient, timely service, no matter the hour.

2.  A powerful lead generation tool

Customer retention is necessary for any customer service strategy. But for your business to grow, you need to attract new customers and give them opportunities to convert. This involves having multiple avenues for stimulating and capturing customer interest. Comm100 Task Bot helps capture customer data and generate valuable leads. This could include:

    • Joining a mailing list
    • RSVPing for an event
    • Booking a sales demo
    • And so much more.

Whenever a customer provides your task bot with information, like their name and email address, that info is stored under a tab titled “Collected Leads”. Similarly, any meetings that you book with your task bot will automatically populate under the “Booked meetings” tab.

The biggest strength of a lead-generating task bot is its ability to elicit information like a person, rather than an analytics tool. A friendly task bot asks questions that imitates a brick-and-mortar experience, helping to engage with the customer and draw them into the conversation so they are more likely to provide their details. The interaction with prompts and buttons also almost mimics gamification – the strategy of using gaming elements within a non-gaming context, which has been well reported to boost engagement.

Task bots give you opportunities to teach users more about your product, sprinkle in call-to-actions (CTAs), and connect interested visitors with a sales representative. The ability to schedule product demos and meetings even when agents are offline means more valuable one-on-one conversations that convert. With Comm100’s lead generation and meeting booking task bot templates, your lead conversion task bot can be up and running in minutes.

3. A simpler, more appealing self-serve option

A self-serve knowledge base is the cornerstone of all good customer service and support. It allows customers to find the answers to their problems by themselves without having to speak to an agent. In fact, it’s so popular that 70% of customers now expect a company’s website to include a self-serve option. On top of this, it reduces overall workload because the common questions that agents receive are instead resolved without their involvement.

However, as optimized and intuitive as your knowledge base may be, the act of searching in and of itself is a point of friction for some support-seekers.

Task Bot helps remove this pain-point by making information retrieval quick, simple, and very accessible. The conversational and engaging nature of Task Bot also appeals to the customer on a different level than a knowledge base can. All of this automation helps reduce overall interaction volume during operation hours, while keeping overnight inbox flooding to a minimum outside of hours too..

4.  Use agent time where it matters most

Customer FAQs eat up a substantial amount of agent time and company resources. They are repetitive, simple to answer, and often boring for agents. By fielding these simple queries to a task bot, agents have more time to work on resolving more complex, sensitive and high-value issues. This can be good for both businesses and agents. If the query is

    • Complex: it will often require a level of problem-solving that you would want an agent on
    • Sensitive: it will need the human touch of an agent
    • High-value: you want your best agent on the job to close the deal.

On top of this, customer service agents who are split between teams or roles can use this time on their other responsibilities that they might have. Meanwhile, these type of interactions are far more engaging for the agent which helps to improve the agent experience, promoting an increased sense of fulfillment.

Improving the agent experience leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction and less effort reported amongst customers. For small businesses, a reduced workload can also mean that customer service agents can fulfill different roles with their spare time that move the business forward.

Task Bots aren’t just for the beginning of the conversation. Agents can also trigger a task bot during a chat. If a customer needs to be run through a common troubleshooting issue that involves a lot of steps, the agent can select the task bot within the live chat window. While the task bot takes the customer through the steps, the agent is free to focus on other tasks. Agents can also trigger task bots to run the customer through booking or registration steps.

All agents have to do is to select the Task Bot tab, which is in the same window as their canned messages and other useful resources. Agents click on the bot they want to handle the operation and hit the ‘Send’ button. From there, the task bot takes over.

5.  Route chats to the best agent or resource for the job

In many teams, pre-chat surveys or forms are set up to learn more about the customer’s query, and then smoothly and quickly route them to the correct agent, team, or department.

Task bots also perform this function, but even more effectively. While pre-chat surveys are static, task bots provide a dynamic, engaging experience that increases the likelihood of completing the questions. Once the task bot has guided the visitor through a series of questions through these simple, the bot can either answer their question, direct them to a resource, or route the chat to an agent. If the latter happens, all the information collected by the bot will be available to the agent so they don’t need to ask the customer to repeat themselves. Information such as type of inquiry, customer status, and account information can all be used to facilitate a seamless bot-to-agent handoff.

By making it easy to get a user to the right agent or department the first time, task bots save businesses from having to perform time-wasting transfers that could hurt the customer experience.

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