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SLA Policies for Ticketing & Messaging

Make a promise, keep a promise. Comm100 SLA policies ensure that your agents understand how to prioritize every customer request, while giving you the visibility you need to track and manage performance and keep customers satisfied.

Configurable SLA Polices

Configurable SLA Polices

Configure SLA policies based on your commitment to your customers and decide what metrics you want to track including response and resolution times. You can create different SLAs using conditions like channel, priority, and department so that SLA times reflect your service goals and promises.

Ticketing SLA

Visual reminders in the Agent Console

Green, yellow and red indicators show the SLA status for each ticket. Hovering over the indicators reveals the full details. Your agents can quickly identify which tickets need attention first, ensuring that no customer inquiry ever falls through the cracks.

Comm100 Live Chat Analytics

Easy Tracking and Reporting

The SLA report provides a critical overview of SLA policy adherence. Measure response time, resolution time, breach frequency and duration, at the agent and/or team level. See where improvements are needed.

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