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Secure Messaging

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Sensible Communications

Comm100 Secure Messaging is a powerful, cloud-based, secure communications and information management solution that can be embedded in your customer contact portal for your authorized contacts to raise, track and manage their requests, and share information and files with you securely per policy.

improve safety and compliance

Improved Safety and Compliance

When it comes to security, customer expectations are high – it has to be iron-clad. All customer requests within the Comm100 Secure Messaging are encrypted in transit and rest, decrypted for authorized parties only, and logged for compliance. Moreover, the Comm100’s security policies and operations allow the data sharing to take place without the risk of security breaches, regulatory noncompliance, or data theft.

Improved Safety and Compliance
Increased Efficiency
increase efficiency

Increased Efficiency for Better Customer Care

To provide efficient, high-quality customer service, your agents need to maximize the time they spend resolving complex customer problems and automate their most repetitive tasks. Compared with the traditional customer support channel via email, the use of Secure Messaging facilitates real-time or anytime communication between you and your customers. A typical customer case that usually takes 5 emails to resolve may be easily solved over a few messages in the same day. This enables your team to efficiently manage a larger number of customer queries during each work shift.

Reduce costs

Fewer Errors and Better Control

Phone conversations often require a task to be interrupted, and errors caused by interruptions are one of the leading causes of mistakes in some clinical as well as finance settings. A dedicated messaging app like Comm100 Secure Messaging provides clear, focused, real-time communication – but eliminates the need for an immediate response by giving an option. This allows customers and staff to communicate more effectively, but avoid interruptions that could lead to potential errors.

Better Control
Assisted Agent Experience
assisted agent experience

Assisted Agent Experience

The Comm100 agent console is designed to put everything an agent needs right at their fingertips. Built-in features like automatic follow-up messages, knowledge base, CRM integrations and triggered updates to tickets help streamline workflows, resolve customer issues faster and free up your agents to spend their time on more complex interactions.

the right agents on the right tickets

The Right Agents on the Right Tickets

Take control of your Secure Messaging accounts by automatically routing inbound queries to the agent or department best suited to handle them. Set service level agreements (SLAs) for response or resolution times and prioritize tickets by urgency level so that critical issues get dealt with first, with nothing falling through the cracks.

The Right Agents on the Right Tickets
Customized Messaging Experiences
customized messaging experiences

Customized Messaging Experiences

Comm100 Secure Messaging can be fully customized to create consistent and professional image that matches your website’s look and feel. Choose your theme color, define the custom fields, customize with CSS, and more. White label is also an option.

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