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Email is a tried-and-true customer service channel, perfect for allowing customers to describe their request in detail and for giving you the time you need to respond because immediate replies aren’t expected.

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Always on, always accessible

Whether through a simple link or a more advanced web form, your customers can email you anytime, anywhere, about anything they want with the Comm100 email management software.

The inbox you’ve always wanted

Thanks to its advanced routing and tracking capabilities, easy collaboration, and response policy enforcement, Comm100 email ticketing system gives you more control and visibility than a regular inbox and makes issue resolution a breeze.

Right where your agents need it

The Comm100 agent console is your one-stop shop for support emails and every other digital channel you use for customer service. After all, that’s what omnichannel is all about!

Your Dedicated Customer Service Inbox

Your dedicated customer service inbox

No matter which email system you’re using for day-to-day business, it’s not designed for collaboration and issue tracking. Comm100 Ticketing & Messaging is, from the ground up, with a toolkit that your agents will love.

Ticketing Respondon Any Channel

Respond on any channel

Sometimes email isn’t the best channel for responding to your customers. For those times, your agents can reply easily on social media or SMS, from the same console. What could be easier?

comm100 ticketing and messaging enables you to connect with customers through different platforms

Fully integrated with Comm100 Omnichannel

Email is a core component of the Comm100 Omnichannel solution, giving you complete coverage of every digital channel you need to serve your customers right.

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