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Unified Agent Console

Eliminate blind spots with seamless end-to-end data visibility, no matter what the channel, on a single, interconnected chat console.

Comm100 - Unified Agent Console - Put your customers at the center of the conversation

Put your customers at the center of the conversation

Customers expect to be able to connect with companies the same way they connect with their friends and family: through voice, email, messaging, and social media. But that presents a big challenge to your agents, who have to switch between multiple interfaces to see the full story, struggling to keep track of what’s going on. A unified agent console brings every conversation – regardless of channel – into plain sight, so you can meet your customers no matter where they are and always have complete access to the entire conversation.

Comm100 - Unified Agent Console - Complete Customer View

The complete customer view

It’s much easier to keep customers happy when you know their whole story – what solution they have, where they are, and when and why they’ve reached out before. A unified chat console provides a comprehensive view of the customer, so your agents can get instantly familiar and deliver the personalized, fully contextualized service your customers expect.

Comm100_Unified Agent Console_All Apps at One Place

All your favorite apps, at your fingertips, all the time

The average contact center agent has to use 8+ applications to do their job. A unified agent console brings all of those applications into one screen so your agents can spend less time toggling and more time helping customers. Easier access to all the right information – what could be better?

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