Co-browsing allows you to instantly view and interact with a visitor’s web browser through a single click. You’ll be able to easily understand where your visitors are having trouble, and personally guide them through complex processes. This helps you assist visitors quickly and conveniently in both sales and technical support.

See Web Pages Your Visitors View in Real-Time

Co-browsing allows agents to view the visitor’s screen, helping them to troubleshoot and guide visitors through issues more effectively. This visual aid helps to prevent lengthy explanations on the part of your visitor and your agents, saving time and decreasing the effort needed to resolve complex issues.

Live Chat Cobrowsing - See Web Pages Your Visitors View in Real-Time

Control Your Visitor’s Screen

Your team members can request to control the visitor’s keyboard and mouse anytime it’s needed during co-browsing. This helps agents tackle complex troubleshooting steps without needing to ask visitors to do the work themselves, increasing satisfaction and decreasing time to resolution.

Live Chat Cobrowsing - Control Your Visitor’s Screen

Visitors Maintain Privacy

Sensitive data, such as credit card or login information on visitor’s web pages is automatically masked. This helps visitors maintain privacy and ensures that you remain compliant even while you co-browse.

Live Chat Cobrowsing - Visitors Maintain Privacy

No Plug-Ins or Downloads Required

Co-Browsing is a browser-based solution, meaning that no additional downloads or plugins are needed. This reduces complexity for your visitor, as co-browsing is initiated through a single click from the screen sharing request notification.

Live Chat Cobrowsing - No Plug-Ins or Downloads Required

Comprehensive Reporting

The Co-browsing report provides an overview of the Co-browsing sessions that have occurred on your website, helping you understand how this feature is being used.

Metrics displayed in the report include:

  • The number of Co-browsing requests initiated by agents
  • The number of Co-browsing sessions which have occurred
  • The total length of all Co-browsing sessions
  • The average length of time an agent is involved in a Co-browsing session
Live Chat Cobrowsing - Comprehensive Reporting

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