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No two chats are alike, because no two customers are alike. When you make chat personal – for your visitors and for your agents – everyone wins.

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Make stronger connections

We make it easy to welcome your visitors like they’re old friends. See where they’re located, speak their language, remember their purchase history, access previous chats, and more. When you show them they’re not just a number, they’ll be more likely to stick around.

Have clearer conversations

Let your agents get up close and personal through audio and video chat, co-browsing, and remote access – all at your visitors’ complete discretion and control. Get to the heart of the matter more quickly and achieve resolution in a friendlier, faster, and more genuine capacity.

Earn better results

It’s indisputable: faster, more personal, and more effective service drives better customer satisfaction. Get the closure you want with Comm100 live chat, including instant feedback right in the chat window. That’s the context you need to measure the impact of your team.

Our agents loved it when we added live chat to our service model. They found it so easy to build personal rapport, and so much more scalable than phone and email. 

Tim Grooms, Director of Marketing​, Xylem Analytics

Live chat personalization - Multilanguage


Two-way instant communication in virtually any language. Now that’s the service your customers expect.

visitor segment in visitor monitor

Visitor segmentation

Every customer is created equally. But some are more equal than others. We make it easy to know who’s who and respond accordingly.

Prioritize responses

Simply tag your chats by order of priority and let your team take it from there. When your most important customers come back, everyone will know who they are.

Concierge service

Put your best people on the most important jobs and ensure the smoothest resolution and support you can offer. It’s easy when you can identify your ‘A’ list of customers upfront.


Qualify first with a few key questions, then deliver the best service possible.

Fully configurable

You decide what you want and need to know.

Get the back story

Give your agents a head start on issue resolution by capturing key details upfront.

Post-chat assessment and follow-up

Start the post-chat process quickly and conveniently using Comm100’s built-in, fully configurable evaluation and triage system.

Strike while the iron’s hot

While the conversation is still fresh, enable your agents to summarize and make notes for further required action.

Client-side feedback

Ask for your customers’ evaluation and comments about their chat experience before they sign off, and you’ll get a more accurate view into what’s working and what isn’t.

Account-based chat

If you focus marketing efforts on specific, targeted accounts, you should focus your chat there too.

A 360° view of the customer

Comm100’s deep integration capabilities put everything your agents need to know right in their chat console so they can respond and communicate more quickly and more accurately.

Personalized greetings

Even before your visitors request a chat, you’ll know which organization they belong to. Welcome them with a personalized proactive chat!

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