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You need live chat to fit your business, not the other way around. That’s why we’ve made Comm100 the most flexible digital conversation platform available. You’ll wish all your systems could do this.

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Never sacrifice your brand

The last thing your website or app needs is a chat experience that doesn’t match your organization’s style and brand. With Comm100, you control everything from the color to the design and beyond. Because it’s your conversation, not ours.

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Context is everything

See how much more effective chat can be when you make it a reflection of time and place. Whether it’s getting the right people on the job or simply starting a conversation that recognizes who and where your customers are, Comm100’s dynamic chat is the answer.

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Make the first move

There’s a science to effective service on the retail floor. The same goes for live chat. You don’t need to wait for the customer to ‘ring the bell’ – you can start the conversation yourself, manually or automatically, at the perfect moment.

Chat Branding


It’s your website and it should be your own branded live chat experience. With Comm100, it can be thanks to the most flexible branding and design capabilities of any live chat platform.

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Your brand - your design

Choose from our wide selection of unique and configurable designs for your chat button and chat window, or easily create your own.

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One size does NOT fit all

You can have one live chat platform for all your websites, but that doesn’t mean they all have to look the same. Go ahead, express yourself exactly how you want, where you want.

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Dynamic chat campaigns

Chat with your visitors based on who they are and where they are on your site.

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Context-sensitive conversations

Display different chat buttons, surveys, chat window designs and more for different visitors.

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Context-sensitive routing

Route your chats to different agents or departments based on their profiles, location, customer status, and more.


Proactive chat

Sometimes you need to make the first move.

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Never let the moment pass you by

Your customers can be shy. Don’t wait for them to start a chat – pick your moments and make the first move, inviting your customers to a conversation precisely when and where you know it matters most.

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Automatically initiate chat

You should never pass on a good opportunity to chat. Comm100’s rules-based chat initiation will help you break the ice at the ideal moment, when you’re most likely to connect successfully.

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