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Agent Wrap-Up

The agent wrap-up feature in Comm100 Live Chat enables you to categorize and comment every chat in the middle or at the end of a chat. Additionally, you locate chats easily in the archives using wrap-up fields. This helps you manage your chats and retrieve chats from any category whenever you need to check them for reviewing, training and other purposes.

Operator Wrap-up

Customize Wrap-Up Fields

You can categorize and comment on each chat in the middle or at the end of the chat. Better still, the wrap-up survey allows you to add any custom fields you see as valuable to your business. Field types include text, radio box, check box, drop-down list and more.

Comm100 Live Chat Search Chat Transcript

Locate Chats by the Wrap-up Fields

You can easily locate chats by the wrap-up fields in chat transcripts for reviewing, training and other purposes. For example, you can add a wrap-up field labeled “Next Action”, describing how each chat is ended and whether follow-up is needed. Then, you can quickly locate all chats that require follow-up based on the new tag.

Comm100 Live Chat Wrap-up Report

Wrap-Up Report

The report presents you with an overall picture of the usage percentage for each category of chat. This lets you better understand what your customers need and then take appropriate action. For example, if complaint chats account for a disproportionate part of the total number of chats, then you should find out the reason behind the complaints and take action to improve customer satisfaction.

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