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iPhone Chat App

Comm100 Live Chat mobile app for iPhone enables you to chat with your website visitors on your iPhone while you are away from the desk. With a host of other features, though, the app offers much more than just chatting.

It is very helpful and reliable to keep you close to your customers 24/7. I recommend it to any website admin that cares about real and productive customer service.

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iPhone Chat App - Optimized for iPhone

Optimized for iPhone

The interface of the live chat mobile app is specially optimized for iPhone and lets you easily locate the visitor list, chat with visitors and configure settings.

iPhone Chat App - Background Mode

Background Mode

Using the iPhone chat app in background mode lets you use the device for other tasks and still never miss opportunities. The background mode feature can push notifications for new visitors, chats and responses to your iPhone to keep you informed and free up valuable time for multitasking.

iPhone Chat App - Sound & Vibration Notification

Sound & Vibration Notification

With the iPhone chat app, you can receive both sound and vibrate notifications of new chats, visitors, responses a other specified events. Customizable notification options mean you can leave your desk to perform others tasks and still get back to chatting at a moment’s notice.

iPhone Chat App - Canned Messages & URLs

Canned Messages & URLs

Reduce both response and customer wait times significantly by accessing your pre-defined messages and URLs and answering a visitor questions with just one tap.

iPhone Chat App - Chat History

Chat History

The iPhone chat app provides quick access to previous chat transcripts of repeat visitors, which helps you answer visitors’ questions more efficiently.

iPhone Chat App - Chat Transfer

Chat Transfer

We all need help sometimes. So, if your visitor has hard-to-answer questions or difficult problems, you can transfer an ongoing chat to a colleague with a couple of taps. Chat transfers not only help improve customer service quality, they also enhance team cooperation significantly.

iPhone Chat App - Visitor Information

Visitor Information

The iPhone chat app lets you view visitor data collected from multiple channels in an instant. Instant access to data, such as geographic and email address information, helps you address visitor questions quickly and professionally.