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Canned Messages

Comm100 Canned Messages allows you to pre-define canned responses for greetings, frequently asked questions, chat sign-offs, etc. This saves you the effort of repetitive typing and helps prevent typos and spelling errors during chat or responding to tickets, thus improving agent efficiency significantly and enhancing professionalism. You can locate canned responses in your console easily and then answer visitors’ questions with just a few clicks.

One of the features most commonly used is the canned message. Having the option to enter in personalized messages to quickly choose from increases our response speed and accuracy to a great extent.

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Comm100 Public Canned Messages

Public Canned Messages

Public canned messages can be accessed by all agents in their agent consoles. Only the admin agent has the permission to create/edit/delete the messages by default. Other agents can be given permission by an admin as needed.

Comm100 Private Canned Messages

Private Canned Messages

You can create your own private canned messages for your own use. Other agents do not have permission to edit or delete your private messages.

Improve Chat Efficiency - Canned Response

Canned Messages Categories

You can create multiple categories for both public and private messages. Under each category, there can be multiple messages with different titles. This way, you are able to locate specific messages easily by title and category during a chat.

Send Canned Messages/URLs While Chatting

Send Canned Messages on the Fly

Sending a canned message is fast and convenient. Click on the chosen message and it will appear in your input box, ready to be sent. Alternatively, you can double click the message to send it immediately. You can edit a selected message in your type box by adding personalized elements, helping you avoid appearing too generic and robotic. Check more best practices about sending canned messages.

Comm100 Canned Message Categories for Campaigns

Link Canned Message Categories to Campaigns

If you’re running multiple websites with different pre-defined canned messages, Comm100 allows you to select canned message categories for certain campaigns. This means when an agent chats with a customer from a given campaign, only canned message categories selected for that campaign will be available for agents to use. The content sources for Agent Assist will also be updated.

Canned Message Shortcuts

Canned Message Shortcuts

You can set a shortcut for each canned message created and then use the shortcut to populate the message in your input box. This can significantly shorten the time needed to select and send out the message, thus improving agent efficiency.

Canned message shortcut feature is only available for Business and Enterprise plans.

Keyword Search for Canned Messages

Keyword Search for Canned Messages

You can search your entire canned message library using keywords entered in the search box. This increases speed for locating needed messages and is helpful when you have a large canned message library or are helping multiple visitors at the same time.

Comm100 Canned Message Report

Canned Message Report

You can check the total number of times each canned message is used within a given time period with the canned message report. This report gives you a clear picture of the utilization difference among all your canned messages, which helps you manage your canned message library and keep it refreshed according to your customers’ needs and interests.

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Canned Messages

Canned messages help save you time from typing answers to repetitive questions. But don’t overuse them. Get yourself some tips on how to avoid using canned messages like robots do and personalize your canned messages to make your website visitors feel special.

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